Previously known as The Burnt Hills Oratorio Society
The Power of Singing

BHOS loves to sing and believes in the power of singing …

to change lives.
to unite as one.
to bring joy.
to create community.

Unfortunately, the current times requires us to cancel all rehearsals and performances until it is safe to gather together.

Although we are prevented from doing that which we like doing more than anything else – singing, there is still much to report from behind the scenes. The board of directors has taken advantage of the virtual magic of Zoom to meet monthly and work toward articulating a strategy that will propel the organization into the decades ahead. This includes a visionary approach to our identity going forward and a new focus on the way we serve and participate in the wider community.

While the pandemic abruptly ended the 2019-2020 Season, the organization worked hard to keep the music alive through its annual Vocal Scholarship competition. In June, we hosted the 23rd annual vocal scholarship competition, adhering to the strictest COVID guidelines. Nine wonderful young singers sang for judges and a small appreciative audience at St. Clement’s Church in Saratoga Springs. The students were delighted to have this opportunity to perform at a time when all other performances across the region were canceled. College scholarships were awarded to the two top competitors, Zachary Simpson (BHBL HS) and Alexa Rahman (Saratoga Springs HS).

The marketing team has been working side by side with a marketing professional and a graphic designer to rebrand and create a new appearance to showcase Saratoga Voices as it enters its 50th season.

To nourish our singing community, the BHOS choristers have enjoyed several Zoom gatherings to chat with artistic team Bill and Derek, and share their stories. We are all coping with the times in different ways, but all, without exception, share their love of singing and how much it means to them.

Our Artistic Director, Dr. William Jon Gray, and our Associate Conductor, Derek Stannard, are immersed in planning our musical path forward; and the 50th Anniversary Committee has met many times to brainstorm ideas for a gala celebration, to be held as soon as the world returns to normal and we can gather as one.

We promise to reach out to you as soon as the stage lights can be turned on and the world can safely share the power of singing.