Formerly known as The Burnt Hills Oratorio Society
The Power of Singing

Board Members

Saratoga Voices Board of Directors

Dave JohnsonPresident, Marketing Chair
Pedro AvilesVice President, Member Services and Communication
Debra CarreseTreasurer
Joan SudaSecretary, Advertising, Vocal Scholarship Program
Leslie BottinoFinance Committee, Social Media, Marketing
Daniel BrunelleAudio Visual and Production
Doug DavisVocal Scholarship Program, Marketing, Branding, and Public Relations
Carol DrakeProduction and Event Producer
Stacey ShinskeMarketing, Branding, Advertising, Social Media
Daniel M. SleasmanPublic Relations, Documentation
Libby Smith-HolmesFundraising Chair, Grants, Public Relations
Derek StannardArtistic Aministration
Ex Officio
William Jon GrayArtistic Director

What are people saying about Saratoga Voices!

"I have worked with the Burnt Hills Oratorio Society since 1984 from the tenure of Glenn Soellner to its current director William Jon Gray. I have been concertmaster of the orchestra for most of that time, as well as contractor. The passion and enthusiasm for singing the chorus displays is both contagious and delightful. Under the leadership of Bill Gray and Derek Stannard the quality of singing continues to refine, and it's a joy to make music with the group. Bill's leadership a few seasons ago of Haydn's Creation was one of the highlights of my many years of orchestral playing. Here is wishing BHOS an incredible next 50!!"

Ann Marie Schwartz Director, Musicians Of Ma'alwyck

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